a look back

June 5, 2017

take a look back in carrollton ga to see just a few things we might have missed

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oak mountain school, sapelo island, oak mt. science club

April 20, 2017

a one room school becomes famous after a rockwell visit. boys become young men after a 6 week summer camp and young school kids are taught advanced science exploration at a club that last a lifetime.


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revisited cotton makes a textile circle

April 13, 2017

follow the cotton from the field, to factory,to mill, to meat plant, to retail outlet and back to the farm, all within a fourty mile radius. The story of a eight year old boy, his friends and family all in a days work. 


Mable The Bear Speaks

January 6, 2017

Click here to hear & see Mable the Bear talk to you.





revisited santa always came to carrollton

December 9, 2016

the Christmas story of a small country boy waiting for the BIG GUY


a streak across the sky

November 22, 2016

why the kids of the 1950s and 60s lived in fear

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the everyday diary of florrye jeanette chatham spivey 1935

November 18, 2016

a 19 year old girl, my mother, records all she did every day for one year.

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kids, a bargan at any price

November 1, 2016
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revisited more trick than treat

October 17, 2016

kids out to scare all who will come


shorts and sugar moonshine in carroll county ga

September 22, 2016

who made and who sold spirits in carroll county ga

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